Empowerment starts with self-kindness. 

It begins with becoming a kind and nurturing friend to oneself. 

When we show ourselves kindness we start to heal from shame, self-criticism and judgement. 

We empower ourselves so we may act from a place of authenticity. 

When we’re empowered we stop accepting bullshit - from ourselves and others. 

This all starts with the greatest strength we have; kindness. . 


In this series, you will develop an understanding of concepts related to body-kindness and self-compassion. You will deepen your understanding through written reflection, group discussion, as well as guided practices both in class and to take home. You will explore and practice a variety of mindfulness based tools to support you in relating to yourself and your thoughts with kindness, acceptance, and compassion. Exercises will include self-compassionate body scan, R.A.I.N., embodiment through movement, mindful eating/drinking, and more. 


The curriculum for this course was developed by Scarlette Revolver and is based off the research and work of Dr. Kristen Neff, Sharon Salzburg, Tara Brach, and Dr. Chris Germer. 


February 1, February 8, February 15 12-2:30p and February 22 from 12-5p

At Revolver Studios in St. Cloud, MN

Guided by Scarlette Revolver

(12 student maximum)


Early Bird Fee (open Dec 17 - Jan 1) $150 

Standard Registration (Jan 2 - Jan 24) $175 

Registration deadline January 24 


Scholarships are now open! 





Revolver Studios will award one full scholarship to cover the entire four-week series ($175) and one scholarship to cover half ($87.50) of the four-week series. 

Award Notification FRIDAY JANUARY 24 

Scholarships will be weighted to those who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), Native, members of a disabled community, living with mental illness, or of the deaf community, and LGBTQIA+.


Please note: This course is not a replacement for therapy with a mental health professional. This is an environment created for building community centered in healing and empowerment and the tools given are meant to be a supplement to deeper internal work. Students are encouraged to seek professional mental health support as part of their healing and growth process. Scarlette has compiled a list of referrals for any participants interested in seeking this type of care. 

Self-Kindness Series


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